Tuesday, August 11, 2020

On Track for Amazing Days

We never hear of the day when Eleanor Roosevelt said: "forget it, I'm staying in today and watching the garden." Or when Buddha said, "I just need to switch off, put my feet up, and stop thinking."

Maybe we do hear about those days, but they are not the focus of amazing lives.

That's my point. Even when you have an off day. or a day when you just need to slow down and stop, it does not mean you are not still on track for an amazing day.

I'm always surprised that even when you are happily creating magic, you can get tired. I forget it can be hard work sometimes standing up for yourself, fighting for what feels good in your soul. When you are really out on the game field, playing the game of life, and not just sitting on the sides with popcorn, I always think adrenaline will keep you going. No, it takes more than that.

We are all showing that we are extraordinary at the moment in the way that we have adapted and adjusted to our world. Nothing is the same as how we imagined our summer would be. We are clinging on and not daring to look down. So give yourself a break!

During another harsh self-judgement session at 3am this morning, I had a breakthrough when all the disappointments I have were lined up in front of me, mocking me. It hurt. Somewhere inside me, I heard my voice say, yet who is still here, willing to have a great Tuesday? Me - not those disappointments.

It was a great feeling. Simple, yet powerful. And for my next trick, I say with my magicians spin, I will not let the gang of disappointments haunt me. I'm going to package them up as school bullies and throw them back into detention. I advise you do the same today and let me know how liberating that can feel.

Rest when you need to rest and also fly when you know can. Paint that painting, dance that dance and run up that mountain. Do that as well as laze on a wooden raft and drift through warm waters. Doze among flowers. Tip your hat against the sun and sit longer at the taverna.

 We are human and extraordinary beings can over-complicate being human! We designed the robot - but it wasn't so that we could become one.

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