Monday, April 20, 2020

Thank you Theater

I am proud to announce that two minutes ago I broke my own world record for demolishing Cadbury mini eggs in under 5 minutes. It is a skill that I have worked on for years. Please do not try it at home.

As well as mini eggs, I want to thank "writing" for being my serious quarantine partner. While we both felt we should break up, and have endured periods of one of us not talking to the other, I know we have felt a tremendous comfort by settling into hours of focused time together.

The challenge of writing is also in the vulnerability of sharing it. Any creative heart will agree. I admire all of the companies that have boldly adapted and are embracing our current situation by delivering programming online. That takes guts!

Big shout out to Vintage Soul Productions and Boston Playwrights Theater. Two places that have meant more to me than this blog can explain.

Sharece Sellem of Vintage Soul Productions devised a very clever and demanding 24 hour monologue challenge, which she has presented every week since our lockdown began and which will continue until life resumes.

I was lucky to be accepted and had three monologues performed and filmed this past weekend.

Having such a tight deadline was amazing and pushing procrastination to one side, I embraced my desire to put something out into the world that may mean something.

Every day at noon, it has become my tradition of logging into the Boston Playwrights Platform to enjoy a ten-minute play that would have been part of their wonderful on stage marathon, originally scheduled for April 19th.

I have delighted in watching nearly all of the plays, it's been inspiring. I see great energy and commitment from talented people who need to know they make a

That's what is going on at a deeper level isn't it?  We all need to know that we are making a difference. We want to feel seen, valued and wanted. We all do. We are going through complicated emotions at the moment that we were simply not prepared for. There wasn't a guide (yet) for this. "Corona Virus for Dummies." We don't know what we are doing.

We are all comparing ourselves against the word essential.
We are all comparing ourselves against the facebook posts we read.
We are all trying to do our best while sadness, fear and doubt run through us.
We all have a sense of being let down because we know our safety net has holes in it.
We all feel vulnerable.

Thank you for every person who is aware of that. Thank you for creating opportunities to support the sharing and documentation of this historic time. Thank you theater. You are entertaining, empowering and at times really funny! Thank you to friends who care and do their best to support and help lift one another. It all matters.

There are no mini eggs remaining, so I have treated myself to the download of "Get Fit Broadway Style." If I'm going to work out, I will do it with jazz hands and a five, six, seven, eight.  I will remerge into the world wearing feathers, tap shoes and looking like Ethel Merman.

Starting here, starting now, everything's coming up roses!

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