Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Before May 25th 2020

I told myself just now, that I need to get out into the fresh air and look at the sky before I write about what is going on. That I need a quiet moment to breathe.
How lucky am I that I can do that without fear of getting stopped in my car, dragged onto the ground, and being murdered.

This morning, while I looked at reports after reports about the riots and looting, I longed to learn about what is being done to investigate police brutality.  I understand that Derek Chauvin is being charged, but what next? We all know the violent demonstrators are not the ones demonstrating peacefully. But why are the police shooting rubber bullets into people standing on their porches?
Why was it OK that tear gas was used to separate a crowd to get someone to a photo opportunity?

If you have a problem in the ranks, it is often coming from the top. So I want to know what laws are going to be in place to protect us? I heard that the National Guard is now coming in to stop the violence, which I agree with. So, who is coming in to investigate those who are bent on parading power and corruptness? We all know there is good and bad, so what is happening to stop the bad? And I'm not talking about the aggressive destruction and looting.

In London years ago, I was holding a baby for a friend who had forgotten something in the supermarket. A woman smiled at me, looked at the baby, and then scowled at me with hate. That was once.
About 15 years ago, a woman from New York asked me if she could speak to an American planner, instead of me. That was once.
About 3 years ago, a twenty-year-old complained to me that people my age should not be working, as it wasn't fair to younger people. That was once.

I have no clue what it is like to face discrimination on a daily basis.

I'm pretty sure that every single one of us has experienced times of victimization, just because of a difference. Color, sex, age, religion, political party, sexual preference, size, social class, sports team - the list is long and if we want to find a problem, we will.
Murder because of difference - really? After everything the human race has been through, we still resort to basic bad action because we devour power, control, and selfishness.

It seems it is part of human nature that we hurt our own neighbors, but inside, we have our own voice that says stop, don't do that. So if that person does not hear their own voice, what on earth can we do so that they listen to another?

Before May 25th, Derek Chauvin had 18 complaints filed against him, including one fatality and Tou Thao had 6.
If we do nothing, something will happen.
Love is sadly not all we need.

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