Monday, May 4, 2020

Dr.Who and the chocolate need

Is it too early in the morning to eat chocolate?

I feel like I am caught in an episode of Dr.Who. (I know for some they will not get that reference while others are saying yes that's what I said.) This mixed reaction is what we all have in common right now. We are all mixed!

It's like when people are suddenly wearing summer outfits while some of us are still wearing winter boots. Some of us feel we did not get the memo while the rest of you are screaming catch up slowpoke.

I got told off for ignoring the arrows in Ocean Job Lot the other day! Then in Stop and Shop, I backed down one aisle to get what I wanted, so as not to go against the arrow. I almost made the reverse sound a truck does but didn't think the anxious woman behind me would appreciate my joke. In fact, she appeared so anxious, I stopped my plan and went the long way round to get my teabags.
Which is probably why they've put arrows in the stores, to make some of us get more exercise!

It's all different and yet it's not. We are having to handle our busy lives along with stress. Haven't we always? Except now, we have an extra layer of fear and unknown circumstances.

I see around me people adapting, creating, and growing. Learning new platforms and new ways of working. It's extraordinary. I am inspired by those that are hungry to do more.

I also see people growing tired and frustrated with the unknown and their own vulnerability. Anger is surfacing. Bitterness. I see people forgetting that we are not all the same. While some write about this being the realization of our values, others get desperate and shout.

We all have a responsibility to do what we can to support one another through this. The changes this has implemented will continue and we have no idea yet of the full effect that this will have on us.
For those that lost people, how do they grieve? For those that lost anything, how do they get back to another starting point?

There are ways to succeed and it will all take time, patience and care for one another. I wonder if we are capable of that. It feels like clinging, some days. Clinging to whatever we have known in the past, knowing it is being taken away like leaves are shaken from branches. Everything is going to take a little more explaining, a little more time. Nobody can bounce at full speed ahead at the moment, so why is there road rage against one another? It is OK to feel brave as much as it is OK to feel frightened.

I guess the only way to begin is with yourself, and for me, I feel like I'm in an episode of Dr.Who, as every morning, I wonder is it too early to eat chocolate?

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