Monday, April 8, 2019


Forgive the posting below of an old blog I wrote over two years ago and never posted.
It seemed too light when I wrote it and yet two years on, I have become the customer.
The person, among many I'm sure, who this Sunday left out their brand new outdoor furniture cushions believing it would never rain again in New England. Why?

Here is the blog....................

Since March, one of my part time jobs has been for a popular, slightly expensive, upbeat, home furnishings store.
I wanted something fun, relatively easy and within an environment that was beautiful to look at.
The George Clooney Store does not exist, so I am happy to be where I am for now.
This one level store has divisions such as dinner ware, candles, furniture. The place I dread and fear and laugh the most in is...wait for it........cushions.
I call it Cushion Land.
Here is where I find sweat, blood and tears as customers armed with measuring tape, fabric swatches, magazine clippings, Valium and discount coupons spend the most time.
Five minutes to choose the furniture and five hours with five visits to choose the cushions.
I've heard the most arguments in Cushion Land, especially when one person dares ask the two questions you never ask a cushion lover - can't any cushions just stay outside and who really needs cushions anyway?

Here are my top ten favorite Cushion Land comments and questions:

1) Will my dog/cat eat it?
2) Which season is this suitable for? (Yes people actually change their cushions according to the season.)
3) If I put a circle with a stripe with a plain and a round, do you think that's too much?
4) How many cushions become too many?
5) If I only have three cushions will I look cheap?
6) What angle will the sun fade them at the slowest rate?
7) I have a eight footer with a four inch depth, what do I need? (People literally fly at you with that question, before even mentioning that they are discussing their sofa and cushion requirements. You can only imagine the answers I have longed to say.)
8) Can my outdoor match my indoor, and can my indoor become my outdoor?
9) Do you have this one, only one inch longer and no big flowers, why such big, big flowers? (I agree to this point, its like plus size dresses always have bloody big buttons, frills and no sleeves - why????)
10) I bought two cushions about three years ago, and I loved them, but I want to get new ones, only the same, but cheaper and perhaps larger, yet colorful, in fact more colorful, do you have them still?

The largest return to store item is cushions. I see customers finally leaving with bags stuffed with hopeful cushions, to see the same faces only this time, downward glancing holding the very same bags, yet this time not bursting with so much hope.
It is a constant reminder to me how much importance we place on material things.
When a cushion becomes a main focus in my heart, I may want to question my choices.

Now these brand outdoor cushions just purchased on Saturday are hanging drenched on the porch, looking like Florida went on a bender and may never be the same again. The first person who tells me - you can get water proof outdoor cushions will receive free advice from me for a month that will only be effective if you live in Sarcasm Land.

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