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For Paul Stickney - and of course his brother David

Here's a tough post to write.
Last Sunday, Paul Stickney, a favorite actor and friend of many died following complications from surgery.
Tributes are flooding in, wonderful stories, photographs and a general feeling of hard shock floating through the community he worked so passionately within.His passing was not expected, far from it and that flush of hard reality keeps hitting.

So here is my tribute to say thank you Paul.

Within this last year I truly got to know you and see your talent, great wit and huge heart in action. You welcomed me so warmly and grandly into your life. You were gracious in your feedback to me of my work, always incredibly encouraging.
You made me felt like I belonged, that I did a good job. You pulled me up if ever I started down the needy actor road, you reminded me that I was human and you inspired me to be bold. I liked that!
i would watch you work and admired how brave you were to create a vulnerable character while being physically so present and dema…