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National Women's Month

Today begins National Women's Month where we celebrate and pay tribute to female figures in history who have made changes. Who have been empowered to stand up for their beliefs for the better of others. People amaze me.

I send a virtual hug to all the women in my life, starting with my Mum, my first feminine influence and onto all the family, soul sisters, mentors, heroines and female figures that have inspired and guided me.

For the most part, this world does not allow for grace. Self respect is not taught. Yet without it, I feel our choices can become a spiral into an endless pit that does not have a pretty exit door.
So the fact that there have been women who have still pushed through and succeeded with remarkable tenacity despite what may have been surrounding them, demonstrates the power of the human being.
I often thought, ahhh but that's them, I can't be like that. I was wrong.
What did they say when Mother Teresa was born? They said - it's a girl.

As well as re…