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Valentines Day 2019

This is a Valentine love letter for everyone who has lost a loved one.
Dearest You
Your love for your partner who has moved into the next realm is everlasting, eternal. What you shared in your time together remains and exists now in a new form. We hear the expression, moving on - it would turn my stomach when I heard that. You have to get on with your life I was told. That never inspired me, in fact it made me angry.
That’s like saying when a favorite movie or book ends, we just forget about it and find a new one. No, we revisit it, learning from it, finding comfort and joy in it. We talk about it, share the story and how it makes us feel. It continues to inspire us, to bring a smile. 
Love needs to be appreciated for all its intricate threads. There is no getting over, or moving on from the privilege and expression of love. 
There is however, a change within loss. A slow move into a knowing. It is the knowing that there is far more to this world then our skin and bones. That our souls cont…