Tuesday, December 10, 2019

It's beginning to look a bit like Christmas

I love Christmas, always have and always will.  It seemed to arrive quite suddenly this year, beginning in Massachusetts with a mountain of snow shortly after Thanksgiving.

Here is my quick list in anticipation of the big day:

1) Decorations - I begin with an ambitious theme, quite often entitled "Winter Wonderland" until I remember I am scared of ladders and cannot bang nails in walls. Yes, I can use those plastic hooks with sticky backing things, but those also require a ladder and have been known to shoot off the wall bringing all the magic down with them.

2) The Tree - I always begin slowly and carefully and within an hour will swear at the decoration that would look perfect if only it kept still or spun in the right direction. Why is it so difficult to get a light angeled on the top of the fairy or star?  Why is it so difficult to get that fairy or star straight?  Do not mention lights, that's too cliche to mention lights. (I miss the days when I could blame my cat for knocking off decorations so that I could start all over again.) 

3) Games - You begin a jigsaw puzzle and within two hours you are convinced that pieces are missing. No, they are not on the floor, or under the cushions, or right in front of you, but this particular puzzle that you are struggling with has a manufacturing issue and pieces are obviously missing. (I miss the days when I could blame my cat for knocking the whole puzzle onto the floor.)

4) Songs - Everyone sings to Santa Baby privately in their car and thinks they look and sound sexy doing it and would really get the promotion/raise/love affair if only they could sing this at the company office party that will at some point include karaoke.

5) Advent Calendar - I am so excited to have a chocolate one this year and am a day behind, hence my delightful knowledge that I could have two chocolates in one day if I should wish too!  This is very funny when you know the amount of chocolate and cookies that I actually eat, and yet these individual chocolates bring a feeling that I'm being mindful of my sweet consumption! Hilarious.

6) Cards - I am going to send cards early and write individual, handwritten and personal notes in each of them. Inspiring words and jolly wishes, with really nice handwriting in multi-colored inks and I will make at least five cards myself to embrace the special personalities, providing a sense of connection to the receiver. Right! That particular wish may also join the one that claims I will make a Christmas cake from scratch, not a box and decorate it, from scratch, not a tube and a batch of mince pies, cookies, and a yule log.  Nailed It. Ahhh, the dreams of a heart who loves Christmas ................ and actually, that's what it's all about, the hope, the anticipation and the desire to connect with warmth and love.

That and number 7..........

7) Hallmark Movies - fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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