Wednesday, November 27, 2019

For those in that place

Sending my love to everyone for Thanksgiving.

I know that expressing gratitude works like a key to opening up your heart.

I also know many people who are tired and worn down by what life is presenting to them right now. Those caught in circles that troubles can bring, those caught in a needing to heal from the past and those who are scared of their present, let alone the future.

Life is not about constantly jumping over hurdles and saying thank you.  It is also saying, I hurt, I'm scared, I'm lonely, I'm grieving, I'm missing, I'm hungry. 

So to those in that place, I send you a warm blanket. The warmest I could find.  It's woven with care and whispers of love. No advice, no guidance, just sheer wisdom that somehow the strength you need will reveal itself at the right time.  That the idea of "you got this" and "you're stronger than you know" is drummed into silence, with the idea that you need to rest, to stop and just breathe.  Sometimes, you can end up feeling guilty for not feeling strong, or optimistic! The proclamations that life is for living not waiting, and we have everything that we need already, can at some point sound like banal screaming. Motivation can also be gentle.

It is as healing to cry as it is to devise a plan.  It is as healing to stop and wonder if you can get through, as it is to run another marathon.  All we sometimes need is a warm cushion to snuggle into, and privately let go. If you can, treat yourself to a day off from thinking, from trying to be, from trying to succeed and solve the world.  Move from the "mad, extra sweat spinning class" to the "be lazy, for a moment sitting class."

With love to my family and friends this Thanksgiving - said quietly and with a blanket x

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