Wednesday, March 13, 2019

A Solution to The Impossibly Complicated

Seems there was a lot going on today, emotions, issues, blood pressures, technical problems.
Even the mighty Facebook could not keep up. The only posts that were clearly coming through were statements of "is anyone else experiencing issues posting today?"  Plenty of people discussing the effects of mercury retrograde and plenty of people feeling the frustration and tiredness. That desire for change when it feels like everything is impossibly complicated.

After a non tap dancing day and feeling many emotions for many folks who are going through decent, qualified troubles, I came to a simple resolution. Just stop.

We all work so hard to find the right answers, the solutions that will solve everything. If I send the best resume, if I write the best post, if I sell something, if I buy something, if I eat less, drink less, go visit, go walk, go tap dance, go, go, go. Sometimes nothing we try seems to work.

Sometimes the best thing to do is just to be there. We can't do the physical operation that our loved ones need, we can't convince someone that we are best for the job or that we can be the loved one they are looking for or that we deserve the rise, the new home or the new toy. Whatever.

Just be there. One hundred percent, but in peace, with love. Be there, but with yourself, and here is
the component that is harder than love, to be there with trust. Trust.

Trust that you will find the strength and the energy to find the best way to handle whatever is in front of you. Trust that the support and guidance will appear. Let go of all the stories from the past that are jumping up at you to over burden you, when you are already juggling enough as it is.

Block out the voices that want to give advice and their version of what you should do, or those that enjoy the opera singing about what they did and how they feel. Me, me, me me, me!

Everybody stop. Just stop. If everything is spinning around you, adding to that motion is not going to help.Go easy for a while. Let pace reflect you, not the other way round. Stop. Just stop.

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