Tuesday, October 30, 2018

When Harmony Shatters

Life is both fragile and dramatic, holding extreme examples within twenty four hours and indeed less. Here is something I can not get out of my head right now & please read to see the two extremes of life.

I knew nothing of the world of Barbershop Quartets until this Summer with the meeting of my new love. His family are all creative, they sing, act, make, care, are healers. Beautiful people.
I just spent a weekend in Portland Maine at a competition of quartets and choruses, listening and cheering on people who sing for the purpose of entertaining and feeling joy. It was a fun, relaxed, inspiring weekend where generations easily mix and songs and tradition combine.
At the conclusion the entire audience are arm in arm singing, the harmonized sounds filling the auditorium.

It was surreal and heart breaking to then learn of the deaths at Pittsburgh. Pointless murder at a place of worship, at a place of comfort, love and peace. A synagogue where people learn, trust, cry, celebrate, breathe and lean into life - and then within minutes a violent act shatters that harmony.

I wrote a blog once before, perhaps two years ago, with my thoughts that gun laws need and must be revised in this day and age of examples. I do not understand why an immigration ban was so easily put in place when terrorism was threatened, but we cannot place a ban on guns right now when we have abundant evidence that the system is not working. This too is surely an act of terrorism and how are more guns truly the right protection? Shame on me for not understanding the situation fully.

My hearts race to the families of the victims who now must find acceptance and trust for something that we should not have to comprehend. All I can do in my little life is send love and peace. All I can do is to give, to hold and to love. Is it enough? I take my responsibility to care for those around me seriously. Perhaps if we all did that, there would be powerful movement toward the better?

I am not politically knowledgeable but I am a human being and when I see and feel the possibility of such community in life, I am downright scared to imagine that could be destroyed in five minutes because of a weapon being in the wrong hands. Can we see the power of things being in the right hands please. How do we get that?

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