Saturday, June 2, 2018

Words of Freedom

A few months ago I checked a message on my phone while driving (NAUGHTY!!!).
I had to pull over and cried with happiness as I read a note from Ted Clement, artistic director of Counter Productions Theatre Company who asked if they could present a staged reading of my play "Stalking."

Thursday May 31st I sat behind a packed audience and watched this deeply personal story come to life.

I have worked extremely hard in my own life to discover that I alone own the key to my being.
Those that have disrespected me, taken my nature for granted, abused and ignored me do not have that power.
I am in control of my volume. If you get to see my joy and my truth, I am choosing to share that with you. I am aware, all too well now, and to my strength, of where I do not need to shine, and believe me, I do not. 

I am privileged to be able to have grown from trauma. My heart breaks for those that cannot and I hope that my play "Stalking" dips into that world.

A highlight on Thursday for me was when a young lady introduced herself. She had been a victim  of a stalking incident and thanked me for describing the issue well. She totally understood the stream of anger and the complicated emotions involved. It has been a great concern of mine that I do not make a commercial drama out of such a terrifying situation, so I was honored and touched that she spoke with me.

There were a few things that inspired the story of "Stalking" and one of them was the sense of never belonging. Not even to yourself.

On Thursday evening I felt I belonged. Thank you, and I mean thank you in abundance, to my friends for your continued support that has helped me achieve professional steps to pursue my ambitions to write AND the personal steps toward being happy again. 

Here it is - a man once stood over me in disgust, violation and utter disrespect. His face may haunt me but thirty three years later I rise in strength and complete freedom. 
I choose to move toward joy and invite you all to do that with me.

Always with love,

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