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Art of Connection

I have been thinking a lot about connection lately. The beauty and power of both holding on and letting go. How does that connection effect us? How does letting go effect us? How sometimes when you think about a person you see their name everywhere. A street sign, a trolley name, a famous person, a place, on a car, in the paper, on a book.
You think did that name ever exist before? Now it’s following and surrounding you. Is it trying to tell you something?
Try this - close your eyes and choose the color red. Now open your eyes and looking around find all the things that are red. They will jump out at you for attention - or is it your attention seeking them?
A dear friend of mine recently wrote about the positive effect of finding a coin that reminded him of his special grandfather. Upon seeing that coin, how it gave him a positive boost and what he did with that resourced energy. It is known that coins may represent signs from our loved ones who are now within their next adventure. I too wil…