Thursday, May 10, 2018

Art of Connection

I have been thinking a lot about connection lately.
The beauty and power of both holding on and letting go. How does that connection effect us? How does letting go effect us?
How sometimes when you think about a person you see their name everywhere. A street sign, a trolley name, a famous person, a place, on a car, in the paper, on a book.

You think did that name ever exist before? Now it’s following and surrounding you. Is it trying to tell you something?

Try this - close your eyes and choose the color red. Now open your eyes and looking around find all the things that are red. They will jump out at you for attention - or is it your attention seeking them?

A dear friend of mine recently wrote about the positive effect of finding a coin that reminded him of his special grandfather. Upon seeing that coin, how it gave him a positive boost and what he did with that resourced energy.
It is known that coins may represent signs from our loved ones who are now within their next adventure.
I too will always smile when I see a coin, a dragon fly or the numbers 11 11.
For the first year of being a widow I would take a photograph of the ceiling and always, always found a white light within the picture. That happened for the entire first year and believe me, it brought such comfort. 
I did not feel so alone, I had a connection. Was it really a spirit? A blemish on my phone? I don't know, but it was a connection.

We all feel better after sometime spent with a special friend. We all find release in reading that favorite poem, book or seeing that movie that just seems to get and accept us.

Is this why some of us are attached to our phones and technology?
I understand the concern when our heads are down with fingers tapping when we are in the company of the people we are writing about. However, I also see the quiet joy of faces smiling over phones when they are miles apart.

We need to find our tricks, because they work.

There is no place like home and home is where the heart is. So to be reminded and connected to that will always provide a sense of peace where one can realign with goals, energy, purpose and living.
In all the things that we race to achieve and find - perhaps it all boils down to this.

When you're in a plane and you look down and see the land below clearly as a grid, with roads and rivers and lines, you can see how it all connects. Even a dead end is connected, and perhaps that dead end is a beginning.

So if seeing a coin or a shining light in a photograph brings inspiration and strength - then how amazing are our brains that we can create and make that happen.

If, at the end of all of this, I discover that these were actual signs - then oh what a magnificent joy that will be. Either way, and in every way, we win.

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  1. Connection is everything....wonderfully written Jayne


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