Monday, April 30, 2018

Divine Magic of Writing

In 2013 I moved to Providence and made a promise to myself to return to my play writing. I nervously began by joining a class at The Gamm Theatre in Pawtucket.

Many, many pages and five years later, it was divine creative magic that had Jessica Chace from The Gamm, choose my play to direct for the Boston Theater Marathon.

The marathon receives hundreds of submissions, fifty are chosen and then local theater companies choose the one they wish to direct. Out of fifty companies, my jaw dropped when I read in an email that I was paired with the theater that had reignited my passion. I could not have chosen better.

I was walking on air to arrive for a rehearsal of my work at that theater, with actors I had seen and admired in productions, and here they are performing lines I had written. Every playwright understands that feeling. It's delightfully surreal.

Sometimes, we work incredibly hard and sometimes it is faith, whispers of connection and pure divine magic that will offer a helping hand. I have always loved feeling that there are wings around us and just occasionally when I have felt them; I am lifted into my true, authentic self.
My writing has, (always was actually) a place where I love, cry, laugh, grow and live. I am so fortunate when others want to join me in that exploration.

In anticipation of the performance in Boston this Sunday - I want to thank Kate Snodgrass for creating this amazing theater marathon. It is an honor to be included.

Thank you to The Blue Cow Group - my writers group, we too came together through classes at The Gamm Theatre and have been working hard and inspiring one another to achieve some pretty cool work.

I want to thank Jessica Chace, for reading my work and bringing it into a delicate, vulnerable life with our talented actors Rachel Dulude and Tom Chace.

You have made this lady a happy one.  Did I say - THANK YOU xx


  1. Jayne, your writing brings joy, catharsis and insight to those lucky enough to find it.
    Thank you for investing in yourself and sharing the fruits of your hard work. We’re better for it!

  2. What Carol said! I so admire your devotion to your craft and your generosity to your fellow Blue Cow members. *insert heart emoji*


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