Wednesday, July 26, 2017

News - I met someone!

Many years ago I wrote a character in a play who changed her life around after meeting a magician in Spain. She was a divorced mother severely lacking in confidence (beautifully portrayed in my play by the talented Brenda Joyce). He was her catalyst to begin her next chapter. When I wrote that, I don't think I truly understood what I was writing - until now.

I met someone.

There are people you meet or situations you find yourself suddenly within, that can change your life.
These we pay great attention to. You can not avoid looking at a new job, or new home or new relationship but with a fresh focus and energy.

There are however other opportunities I believe we often miss. Incidental meetings or occurrences that are lessons and moments that provide great guidance. We just need to stop and look. Why does someone or something linger with us more than we can understand? Perhaps a movie, a song or a passage in a book that echoes within us for awhile. Haven't you at some point found yourself gazing at a view and for a moment you loose yourself? Well maybe you aren't losing yourself, maybe you are discovering a part of you that is new or forgotten about.

When you lust after something, I think it isn't actually the thing you want - its what it symbolizes or inspires inside of you. It is isn't the chocolate cake that I desire - it's the feeling of fullness.

I saw someone a while ago who caught my attention in a new way. Nothing was exchanged, no words, no meaningful looks, but certainly something in me stirred that had me wondering. After a few hours I realized it wasn't about them, it was about me.

I recognized a need in myself that I felt they had fulfilled. They were reflecting something that is deep inside me. My actual desire is not to become wealthy with the ability to write bestsellers and jet ski while steaming kale. (Though if I do, that will be great!)
I realized my true need is about about paying attention and respect to myself. I have had a tendency to bow down to certain personalities, and willingly accept scraps while expecting very little else. What if I stopped that, and treated myself to the love that I give freely to others?

I realize that I never expect a type of person to like me. What a waste of time that is!!! How could they, if I am not truly myself with them?
Could I be the kind of person who could have a conversation with that kind of person? Yes, why not?

I'm calling my own recent experience, A Gateway Meeting. It is my opportunity to listen deeply to something I want. I dare to believe there are many of those surrounding us, we just need to look at a deeper level. Some say to work at a higher frequency. These Gateway Meetings could open ourselves up to new abilities, gifts, talents and adventures. We have so much to learn from what is already around us. We may all be suffering from poor eyesight and missing out on support that is available, honest and free.Instead of continually searching, we just need to look in front of us.

I'm grateful for this meeting and curious to see what I choose to use from it. One part is writing this blog while ignoring an internal judgment that is telling me to hit the delete button rather than the publish button. I will do it anyway!

Thank you for reading and tell me, do you recognize A Gateway Meeting?

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