Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Brand New Summer Diet Fix

I have really exciting news that I am ready to share with you. You may want to sit down to read this, as you will be excited and want to jump on board with me.

Some of you have remarked that I look and appear slightly different these days.
Well, yes, it's true. And low I'm ready to reveal my secret:
I have gone salad free.

Yes, I am on a salad free diet. It's like gluten free, but the opposite.
I can not believe this easy fix in my eating has made such a difference in my life and in such a short period of a time.

I always fill full up. I am never hungry. I am sleeping better, sometimes I can even take a successful nap in the middle of the day.
My clothing is loser, because I wear a size too large for me.
I have more energy, immediately following a serious intake of sugar.
And on top of that, I do not need exercise. I never even think about it.

I begin the day with just a simple not green fruit smoothie, well it's a chocolate milk shake but I add fruit, and caramel, and pancakes, so I find it extremely filling. Then I have a regular breakfast, and all four meals, plus snacks throughout the day. The trick is consistency in the volume of food and to eat little portions of cake on an hourly basis.

I also find a neat little trick is to have cartons of chocolate cake frosting in the fridge, so you're never caught out.

Now of course, supermarkets make it difficult, as we all know the temptation they offer with their mountains of fresh fruit and vegetables when you first walk in. Just be disciplined, keep your head down and aim for the center aisles. Remember too that extra treats can be found and should be chosen as you are checking out, plus you can grab your copies of Trashy Home Maker magazine and Star Studs on the Beach, Summer word cross special.

I now enjoy four main ways of eating:

  • Focus on whole foods - this means eating whole bags of chips and packets of cookies in one session.
  • Consider calorie density - which means find extra calorie opportunities, like cocktails and wine.
  • Fill your plate with plants - which means also buy beautiful vases of flowers to enjoy while you eat.
  • Choose healthy fats - which means fry more.

AND, please know, I'm not perfect. Round about the fourth day, I promise you will have salad withdrawal symptoms. Headaches are common, as is the desire to wear green and eat strawberries without dipping them into melted chocolate. So, if you find yourself wanting to fall off the wagon, I recommend adding lashes of salad dressing to a bacon sandwich, just to get your fix, and then forgive yourself and move on.

It's so simple really.
So, join in if you fancy and we'll be ready to sit in our cars and watch people on the beach any day now.
Thank you.

Please note: no diet books were harmed in the writing of this article.

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