Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Lent and Netflix

I know I am not the only one who gratefully welcomes that the term "to binge" is now connected to television. Not just food, alcohol and powdery things like donuts.
Since the days of black and white into Wizard of Oz color, humongous size tapes into thin discs that need no turning, into - joy of joys, miracle of walking on fiber optic cables - we bring you On Demand and Netflix.
Dear creator of Netflix, I love you. I stalk you, I adore you and I believe you turn water into wine, cookies into salad and sitting into jogging.

Today is the beginning of Lent, and traditionally one agrees to giving up on some gorgeous indulgence for forty nights. So, drum roll please, it will come as little surprise to pronounce myself to be giving up my current connection to my remote control and Netflix.

To be breaking bad of my transparent private practice of the affair I have. Make no bones about it, most of my friends, property brothers, girls and even a doctor who, does not realize how often i flip or flop my homeland way for twenty four hours through series upon Shonda series. If they gave awards I would win the crown and like a house of cards, the Americans would say it was shameless and a scandal for an idiot abroad to be having cupcake wars, when all she wanted was sex and the city with mad men, while wearing orange is the new black and dreaming of becoming the voice on Americas next top model.

So yes, it would make sense for me to give up on television, Netflix, on demand, anything that booms and begs to me from the electronic boxes in my home. I actually do hear voices that say why not watch season one just before season two begins, and that makes sense to me. I want to act upon that voice.

So here it is, the thing I give up on - My guilt. Give up on Netflix? Are you crazy?

Why shouldn't I be happy? I work hard in all manner of things. Keep turning pages to improve, to give, to learn, to be - and the one thing that continually trips me up, is my guilt.
And you know what? The constant, boring examination of myself not being good enough, is stopping me from doing anything. Is stopping me from doing everything.

A friend and I talked about changing the word guilty to giddy. I am giddy about something. I am feeling giddy about the chocolate I had. The phone call I didn't make. The money I just splurged.
I feel giddy - so with that exciting energy, what am I going to do next?

For forty nights I am going to let go of giddy, to see what change may occur.
I know we will lose weight, walk faster, speak Chinese and dance a tango if we give up sugar and replace it with something physical. What, however, could happen if we replace guilt with something fun, positive, whimsical and much, much lighter?
What happens if we look at giving, replacing, refilling, fulfilling, instead of taking away?
Let's look at happiness instead of denial or punishment.
Let's look at joy and fun instead of the duty of learning the lesson.

Season one is over.
What can season two tempt and tease us with?
Let's ignore rewind, pause and stop.
Let's hit play.

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