Friday, January 27, 2017

Dear Google, Is this goodbye?

For a month now I have been warned that my domain registration cannot be renewed, because I have a new payment card.
For a month now I have been trying to figure out how to re new my information. I cannot get into my own account. How is that possible? (I am refraining from making Russian jokes here.)

In short I can't figure it out. I have read all the help topics, not that I can understand what they are really saying. I try with great patience, or in a sulky mood with a lack of patience, or with a large cup of tea, or glass of wine or a determined hour to finally solve it.
I can't!
Its not you - dear google, it's clearly me - but wow I wish you could help me.
Not even a simple help line?
When you're done, you're really done!

And I guess, my true message here - is - the computer age is fantastic, but could streamlining it be a good idea? Just to make users, who were not born with a computer chip as a play toy, feel they can embrace it and not give up? Through life experience, dear google, I know that being alone is not such a great solution - so a handy help button, that actually reaches another human being couldn't go amiss! Isn't that all we really need?

So, this could be the final blog post. Not that its been what I wanted it to be - however, it has helped me to write down my thoughts as I went on a journey that I had no idea I would walk. That has been more help that you know.
Some shared comments and ideas have warmed me, and I've been touched and happy when occasionally someone said - yes me too - or that's a great idea.

So, if it's all done. I give up my beloved I will try to re purchase it and perhaps that will be a fresh new start to accommodate a fresh new me.
And as I often say - Who knows?

Always with love

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