Saturday, December 30, 2017

It's Nearly Here - Happy 2018

Wishing everyone the very best of what they desire, need and deserve in 2018.
May the lessons of this year be worth the joy, the tears and the silence they brought.

For me it was a year I title: in sickness and in health. Through it all I loved.
Loved my family and friends as they faced difficulties, tragedy, happiness and success.
I saw courage, true grit and determination. I heard wise, wise words. I experienced comfort, sadness, loss, happiness, laughter and perfect timing.
Good byes that were said quietly, those that were not said yet felt and hellos that arrived as unexpected surprises and glorious opportunities.
Respect and disrespect. Creative inspiration and passion. Intelligence, ignorance and patience.

I hid a lot. I traveled. I laughed a lot. I wrote, blimey, did I write! I pushed through comfort zones in so many ways, and none of that I did alone. My strength and my vulnerability are because of the true friendships in my life that gave unconditional support throughout AND my divine faith in eternal existence and love.

There is always love. I felt its presence and its lack, and how lucky am I.
Incredibly lucky and grateful to those who are really with me, and you know who you are.

No fear. No holding back. Be honest. Listen and dare to grow, dream, reach.
Its time to take everything we learnt this year and use it to fire us into the New Year.

A wise, bold heart once wrote :
Love is like going to a well, for drinking, for wishing, for nourishing of heart and soul.

I get it and I'm at the well!

For when it arrives - Happy New Year everyone.
And so it goes.

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  1. Well said Jayne! Meeting you this year was a blessing to me.
    You have a wonderful way of making people feel like they’ve known you forever....even when you just met. May you have the happy days in 2018 that you deserve ��


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