Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Hallmark Movie Heroine for Hire

- unless they run a competition to write an original script and I win based on my delightful humor and effervescent hope.

Here are five reasons why:

1) The Hair - I have good hair, but I do not have Hallmark hair. They manage to get a fantastic up do with falling tendrils that hang just the right way. With limited time to prepare, (unless they've had the best friend preparation time where they try on many outfits laughing until they declare "yes that's the one"; they glide in wearing a beautiful red or gold dress that fits (and wow does it fit) and the man gasps "you look beautiful."

2) The Bakery - despite every heroine being a size zero they can cook and will visit or run a bakery and or enter a cookie competition. Always. Oh, and they always drink tons of coffee, hot chocolate or tea and I mean tons of it, either in gorgeous looking mugs or take away cups.

3) The Ice Skating - they love to ice skate, or if they can't they laugh all the way through the agony of falling over without the fear of having fingers cut off as another skaters blade runs over your hand. Oh AND clinging on for dear life to the man is acceptable, as he never screams "will you just let go for Gods sake."

4) The Snow - everyone loves it and nobody complains about it and everyone can drive in it and most spin around and laugh in it. They also have the proper coat that can actually do up and the perfect scarf to match. The snow is also always white and never slushy grey.

5) Their need to hide from Love and or Christmas - they always begin this way, determined in their new job, life, town, travels, hotel, perfect cabin with log fire - that they will remain oblivious to love - cue the entrance of the dashing handsome man in plaid shirt, who also has the same negative notion - unless he is Santa's secret son of course.

I do not fall into reason number five because despite everything, absolutely everything, I still am in love with Love and Christmas. Every year I still experience the excitement and get inspired with the possibility of magic. I smile with hope as I decorate my tree and, now secretly wish that someone would like to share it with me. My heart broke open in 2012 and has been trampled on this year by two trusted people who I thought knew better. Yet, still it remains full of love and hope, and so it should, because that's me.

So I'm ready to be the Hallmark heroine, this version, my version.  The one who wants us all to be honest, thoughtful and kind. The one who is brave and will always show up. The one who simply loves.

Please have a happy thanksgiving - and take care of your friends, family and pets. We have much to learn and not enough time - so don't waste it.

Much love
Jayne x

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