Wednesday, August 23, 2017

For Linda & Lou Pestana

I have wanted to post since August 1st when something happened to a dear friend that tipped her life upside down.

What do you do when you receive a phone call regarding a loved one who has had a very bad accident?
Your heart tears open. You panic. You cry. Thoughts race. Fear joins in.
Then I stopped and looked, really looked.

This post is to celebrate everything that Linda is. I have had a thousand feelings and words to share about this new episode that we are facing. Here is the lesson for me.

That because of the generosity of Linda's spirit and life, her family and friends have easily, smoothly and quickly stepped up with love, practical support and prayers. I was thinking how rapidly everyone checked in with one another and what they could do. Then it hit me, it happened like that, because it was already in place. We already did that, in family things, in fun things, in business things. We did it because Linda and Lou have created a life that exists and works successfully because of connection. Their whole way of living could be titled Through Love and Connection.

Did you ever meet up with them and not find them talking to strangers?
Did you ever talk with them and not feel like you knew their family?
Did you ever not walk away without feeling differently about something?
It's like seven degrees of emotional inspiration without Kevin Bacon needed!

Look at your own life and how you choose to lead it.
Blimey!!! So much makes sense about the things that please me and those that do not in my own life.
Could our regrets be there, because we did not have that bountiful connection?

Can we please stop living as individual islands, pretending not to see or feel one another?
What a waste of time, energy and amazing resources.
I can't waste any more time. Not when an amazing woman works on her body that is paralyzed while her soul is so incredibly alive. She is the miracle, and she is not alone. She chose her tribe years ago for a reason.
I'm a fool not to learn and be inspired by that.

I just heard a quote from Roland Comtois who said: "All we can do for each other, is to stand by each others side."  Well this is everything we can and should do. Absolutely everything.

With much love always to Linda & Lou,
AND my own tribe, of which they belong.
(Because the real lesson is: that we are all in this together.)
Jayne xx

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  1. Just beautiful Jayne, like you and your friends. I feel so fortunate to have spent an evening with the three of you before this sad event. And that you share this with me. HUGS, hugs, and more hugs. Carol


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