Thursday, March 30, 2017

Absolute Beginners

A friend of mine recently used the term "Fake it till you Make it."
No need to fake.
It is OK that we are beginning. It is healthy that we are learning. The task of beginning something new is bold enough, adding a layer that is not genuine creates a distrust in yourself, that is not required.
Believe in what you want to do.
Soak in every resource available and dig up more.
Find people to support you, I call them your tribe.
Ask for support. Ask for help. Get your cheer leaders, get your theme song.

Some things we begin, we never expected to have to do, like illness, loss, sudden challenges, that dreadful phone call. We have to dive straight in, there is no time to sit and ponder.
Yet, when we choose to do something, boy can we stop the diving and walk up that ladder so gingerly that we are just hoping to hear someone shout "Get Off".

Find your motivation, that voice that will drown out the negative. That voice that will kiss a feeling of warmth in your knowing, inside your heart, where the inspiration shines from.

I have had many, many songs and continue to use them. The one that spoke to me when my David was first diagnosed with cancer and then Early On Set Alzheimers was Absolute Beginners by David Bowie.
OK, this is what we have, what on earth do we do with it? I had no idea, and we had no chance of being perfect at the beginning, but my goodness we did all we could to get it right, and that is all you can hope for.

AND please stop the personal judgement of "having to start again." I'm talking to myself here. In order to begin again is showing a clear indication that you are dancing the dance and have the energy to keep looking - and that's a strength. So embrace it.

Nobody starts at the top, absolutely nobody. We are all beginners and the joy is, that we get to start each day whenever our morning arrives. So no faking required, just believe and do absolutely everything you can. That is the difference.

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