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To My Friends at Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
I am not alone in being incredibly grateful for my family and friends. I am surrounded by support, care and quite honestly an abundance of love. This year I have had the pleasure of making brand new friends, amazing conversations over cocktails, hugs and tears on the top of a volcano, lengthy cell phone calls under a blanket, singing to a man riding a Harley, and genuine love from a friendship of over twenty-four years that astoundingly, continues to grow. For that I am truly, truly fortunate.

A close friend of mine and I talk about being on the playing field versus watching life from the stadium seats. I have always lived on the playing field, and this last year, was no different. Though I have to say, something happened that knocked me for six and I retired to the cheap seats for a while, and with a sulky expression, ate stale peanuts and drunk warm beer. (I'm guessing that's what you do as a sports fan when your team is not winning, right?)

I ma…