Wednesday, November 23, 2016

To My Friends at Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

I am not alone in being incredibly grateful for my family and friends. I am surrounded by support, care and quite honestly an abundance of love. This year I have had the pleasure of making brand new friends, amazing conversations over cocktails, hugs and tears on the top of a volcano, lengthy cell phone calls under a blanket, singing to a man riding a Harley, and genuine love from a friendship of over twenty-four years that astoundingly, continues to grow. For that I am truly, truly fortunate.

A close friend of mine and I talk about being on the playing field versus watching life from the stadium seats. I have always lived on the playing field, and this last year, was no different. Though I have to say, something happened that knocked me for six and I retired to the cheap seats for a while, and with a sulky expression, ate stale peanuts and drunk warm beer. (I'm guessing that's what you do as a sports fan when your team is not winning, right?)

I made a choice that I could go back out there, this time wearing a ton of armor and a mouth guard.
Guess what? I didn't have as much fun, because despite it all, and because of it all, I enjoy my life more when I am open, honest and listen to my truth, which is always from my heart.
So, now I accept, that along the way, I may get hurt, and it is OK and important to express that.
However, I may also receive the opposite, and boy is it good to express that.

Please, please, keep reaching higher and further. Keep taking your time to understand who you are and how you are, and stay on that playing field. Find your cheer leaders, they are there for a reason and remember that you can cheer too.

For those of us lucky enough to be within a warm, loving family, it is our responsibility to continue that and to spread our wings further. The inspiration of your energy, can create a smile from a stranger, who may not have smiled in a long time. It may inspire a smile from a friend, who has not smiled in a long time.

We are here for such a short song, it is foolish to take that for granted.
So don't and I wont either!

"It Amazes me!"

Always With love,
Jayne xx

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