Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Trust The Thong

A friend and I were discussing what would you teach yourself.
What lesson did you lack at a young age that you feel would have enhanced your life now?

Mine was a comfort with wearing thong sandals, (they are torture!!! and it's not fair that thong sandals are created to look sexy, and non thong sandals created to look medical). So, I would want that AND

Not trust in other people, that's a whole other game. I'm talking about trust in yourself, myself.

Stop for one moment and consider how often you trust yourself with daily things.
Driving, eating, attitude to work, your commitment to friends, brushing your teeth. Perhaps we take these things for granted, and yet they are examples of trust in our ability to be safe and do the right thing. How often do we let ourselves down in these areas? How often do we succeed?

What about the bigger things? Do you trust yourself to become a mother, to become a care partner, a CEO?

I realize that my lack of trust in myself created the two largest regrets that I have in my life.
And one, concerns a decision I made regarding the care of my husband, that I cannot imagine reaching forgiveness for.
If I had truly believed in me - I would not have made some choices that I have made.

Every day presents us with the opportunity to change. Mine today is to trust me.
As I am on the brink of stretching myself into fresh waters, I will truly close my eyes, move onto a higher level (as my friend Janine describes) and always check in with my heart, which is where my truth sits, waiting for me.
I have constantly adapted, thinking others are better than me, believing that they know more, or are wiser, or more talented, or better looking or, a thousand more ors!!!  Why the attention on everyone else?

We could all do with a focus lesson on ourselves first. To understand our own boundaries, limits, desires and respect.

You are never too young, old, short or wide to finally believe in yourself and to recognize when you are tripping yourself up with a lack of trust and a whole bundle of fear. Lets whip that around and change the focus.

Teach this to your children please - that and how to successfully wear a thong sandal.

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