Monday, June 13, 2016


Yesterday, Sunday June 12th 2016

I listen to the shocking news from Orlando, Florida. The selfish relief flooding me, that no one I know was there.
I sit on a deck, my face in the morning sunshine and truly feel my heart crack open. Sad memories hitting me, that make me wonder if I did enough. Embracing the actual pain, I ask for it to be refilled.
I talk to a close friend, with tears, asking for love.
Sitting with my head on a shoulder, waiting for peace. I say to myself, enough, I know I can't give anymore than I do.

I giggle with a dear friend, who is just in cancer recovery, whose spirit, smile and pure love for life fills me with a desire to do more. Thank you Janine xx
I sing and celebrate another dear friends birthday - whose smile is as wide as his heart - again through his experience, he knows that life is short and to be lived. Thank you Lou xx
And this morning, my dearest Mum phones me from England, with such happiness in her voice, upon receiving a simple gift package from me. Thank you Mum xx

I watch on television, the devastating face of a woman who does not know if her son is dead or not.
That calm, shocked voice that is one moment away from cracking. I know how a life is tipped upside down through loss. It's enough that it happens naturally, to have people kill should be unacceptable - not another news report.

If you give me a gun and a person with a rifle appears. Chances are I'm going to make a mistake and shoot incorrectly. Chances are I will not know where the other gun is. Chances are I might think a firework or a car misfiring is something else.
I really do not think another available gun is the answer.
Nor do I think that love alone is the answer.

Life is wasted, if we can't make a change for the better. We learn more from those that love than those that hate. We are inspired from those that show us how they are reaching for fulfillment, not those that just constantly complain.
Our personal responsibility and respect for this fragile life, may make a difference. Not opportunities for further mistakes and pain. Isn't that common sense?

All of our lives are one moment away from major changes.
All of our heart beats are one moment from stopping.
Isn't that enough?


  1. You have an amazing talent of being able to express yourself so well. Thank you so much for sharing.


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