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To My Friends at Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
I am not alone in being incredibly grateful for my family and friends. I am surrounded by support, care and quite honestly an abundance of love. This year I have had the pleasure of making brand new friends, amazing conversations over cocktails, hugs and tears on the top of a volcano, lengthy cell phone calls under a blanket, singing to a man riding a Harley, and genuine love from a friendship of over twenty-four years that astoundingly, continues to grow. For that I am truly, truly fortunate.

A close friend of mine and I talk about being on the playing field versus watching life from the stadium seats. I have always lived on the playing field, and this last year, was no different. Though I have to say, something happened that knocked me for six and I retired to the cheap seats for a while, and with a sulky expression, ate stale peanuts and drunk warm beer. (I'm guessing that's what you do as a sports fan when your team is not winning, right?)

I ma…

A Poem for a Change

A poem for a change, as I consider that all we crave is connection.

And within the business of living
The crazy whirlwinds of days & nights
The bellowing of voices
Instructions and in songs,
She craved to lay her head
Next to another,
Who held the same map
With their directions always circling back
To Home.

Better to have loved?

The famous quote from Alfred Lord Tennyson, “'tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all."

Didn't we change that statement to a question at some point?

I have loved many, many times in my forty-nine years and have actually been in love a few times. Yes I believe there is a glorious difference.
I have had the unique experience of falling in love at first sight. Once.
The experience of meeting people, with the knowing that they are going to be incredibly important in your life and you for them. The experience of meeting, with the knowledge that you've met before.

Love, of course, is not just about romance, though I am an avid fan of delicious romance. 
Love is the joy of seeing my my god children grow (one official, Harry, and one unofficial, Jack). The laughter shared with friends. The happiness of cuddling Max the Cat. When I open a book and read Chapter One. When I close a book, with that feeling of Wow. When I look at food!!!! When I make a good cup…

Trust The Thong

A friend and I were discussing what would you teach yourself.
What lesson did you lack at a young age that you feel would have enhanced your life now?

Mine was a comfort with wearing thong sandals, (they are torture!!! and it's not fair that thong sandals are created to look sexy, and non thong sandals created to look medical). So, I would want that AND

Not trust in other people, that's a whole other game. I'm talking about trust in yourself, myself.

Stop for one moment and consider how often you trust yourself with daily things.
Driving, eating, attitude to work, your commitment to friends, brushing your teeth. Perhaps we take these things for granted, and yet they are examples of trust in our ability to be safe and do the right thing. How often do we let ourselves down in these areas? How often do we succeed?

What about the bigger things? Do you trust yourself to become a mother, to become a care partner, a CEO?

I realize that my lack of trust in myself created th…


Yesterday, Sunday June 12th 2016

I listen to the shocking news from Orlando, Florida. The selfish relief flooding me, that no one I know was there.
I sit on a deck, my face in the morning sunshine and truly feel my heart crack open. Sad memories hitting me, that make me wonder if I did enough. Embracing the actual pain, I ask for it to be refilled.
I talk to a close friend, with tears, asking for love.
Sitting with my head on a shoulder, waiting for peace. I say to myself, enough, I know I can't give anymore than I do.

I giggle with a dear friend, who is just in cancer recovery, whose spirit, smile and pure love for life fills me with a desire to do more. Thank you Janine xx
I sing and celebrate another dear friends birthday - whose smile is as wide as his heart - again through his experience, he knows that life is short and to be lived. Thank you Lou xx
And this morning, my dearest Mum phones me from England, with such happiness in her voice, upon receiving a simple gift package …

The Wisdom of Tea Bags & Cat Litter

I was in my kitchen this morning, juggling tea bags and cat litter, when it hit me.
"You are loved. Just not enough - by yourself. You spend far too long thinking how to make everyone else safe, inspired and happy while never give yourself that same attention."
Interesting thought.
Then it hit me: I show others how to treat me, by the way I treat myself.
At this point I had to put the cat litter and tea bags to one side and pay attention to these thoughts.
I am aware that I accept certain things while longing for something else. Like wearing a yellow cardigan, when you would rather wear your lavender shawl.

I have recently been dealing with an issue that has literally paralyzed me with fear. Thus I have been distant with people I love and have silenced my own thoughts and conversation about the subject. I have created a tiny, yet suffocating island all of my own with clouds of old stories and issues, and I did that all by myself, thank you very much.

So, the connection I mad…