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Three Years - with love

Today is a date I wish to recognize with peace and love.

I realize that a life is made up from a collection of things. Some of those are simply fantastic while others are challenging. Either way they provide opportunities for growth, which in hand delivers the time to learn and change.
I have changed tremendously. My life now is opening up for brand new experiences, which I embrace, rather than feeling the loss and fear. No matter how hard I cried, nothing could change what happened - I can however change what I do next. Life is about what we have, not what we had.

Today is about saying thank you. Thank you to a dearest friend who invited me for dinner tonight about a month ago, because she simply knew how I would feel.
Thank you to a brand new friend who gave me flowers and a drawing of the Seven Dwarves with one of them as George Clooney!
It's about fantastic theater tickets and cell phone calls full of laughter, questions and love. It's about sitting on a deck until midnigh…