Monday, June 8, 2015

My Triple Crown

And they're off....

"Happiness" takes the immediate lead, with "Love" as a close second.
"Love" is making strides and actually kisses "Happiness" as they pass around the first quarter.
"Doubt" is beginning to make a stride as "Love" goes boldly into first place.
Just around the corner, and coming from the back, is "Fear."
"Fear" is suddenly hungry to lead.
"Love" loses a moment as its jockey actually looks behind.
"Memory" is now closing in on "Fear" as suddenly we see "Who Do You Think You are" and the old favorite "You Deserve Very Little."
But "Happiness" seems to find its stride again while we see "Love" taking a leap and moving into first place again. Now really taking the lead "Love" goes all the way.

Yes, can she do it again, making history...Yes "Love" passes by that finishing post while the crowd goes wild and everyone says That's All You Need.

Congratulations to American Pharoah!  May we all be as bold and as graceful!

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