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Stop Wasting Time and The Privilege in Communication

Today would have been my wedding anniversary. For some reason I wanted to blog something. Not being able to find the right words, I found myself directed to a post I wrote in May 2011.
Please excuse my indulgence in re posting - I just find this to be a good lesson for all relationships and how much I wish I knew then - even though it was staring at me!

My husband now has difficulty in communicating. He has described to me, the frustration of seeing a word and then it fades, quickly and he is left with a hollow feeling, that he needs something, yet has no idea of what.
Sometimes he tells me a story, and I truly have no idea of what he is saying. Sometimes he tells me something perfectly and I check to see if my David is back. We find ways of communicating, and just when I get the hang of it, I need to change tactic again, as I realize something else is proving too foreign for him.
I see my David as though he is falling far away into the depths of a hole, like Alice. I'm peering down …