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April's Whether the Weather Report

There are pivotal moments in your life, some you create, some arrive with invitation and some you suddenly find yourself swimming boldly away from or toward. It all changes in a single drop of rain, or an unexpected warmth from the sun.

Alzheimers taught me the power of being present. Becoming a widow is guiding me to take stock and heal. Am I heartless to say that I am looking at those experiences as being gifts?

Sometimes I have said that I have no choice.
We do, however, have a choice, and I could remain within the shadow of everything, or simply not.
I certainly have done my bit of hiding, and I know I was not the only one to use the snow storms as a fine reason. I wonder if reason is merely an excuse wearing a serious costume?
I would rather walk into the sunlight, look around and share. Share my words, my sun lotion, thoughts and laughter. Share the fact that I am loving, funny, short and courageous, (My height looks up to my courage by the way.)

Life continues no matter what, a…