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Candy Crush and My Stars

Today, 2nd February 2015, my stars read:

Today is perfect for parties, networking events and all other forms of socializing. Your great energy is helping you to make good impressions and to have a great time while you’re at it!

Its funny that my stars are not aware of the snow storm happening outside! You might have thought that astrology would know about the weather. I'm not sure how socializing that much today is possible. 
What with the weather and indeed my recent Howard Hughes impression, there isn't a lot of networking going on. UNTIL we connected. It was sudden, unexpected and passionate. For a guilty hour this morning I found it - Candy Crush. What perfect joy. Two of my favorite things - distraction and tasty treats. Could this possibly be my new bridge to getting from a snowy February day to the beauty of Spring? 

I know its been around and I'm late to the party, and I'm sorry to burst your delicious wrappers however:
that is a manipulative, red flag relationship …