Saturday, February 14, 2015

Very Happy Valentines.......AND

Previously on Jayne Hannah - years and years and countries ago...............

The day before Valentines Day was once a first date for me. I was three hours late due to a job gone long, terrible traffic and pure fear.
My date was still waiting for me in the pub in London.
I ended up staying with him for the whole weekend (hey - don't judge me) and he woke me up on valentines day with a confetti of hearts he cut out of paper. It was incredibly romantic, fun and honest.
(I discovered much later that he was an alcoholic, so I guess, it was pretty easy for him to stay in a bar for hours. That however, is not the point of this story!!!)

What more can you wish for on Valentines Day than fun and romance? It's joy!

Have fun today. If you have someone you love and they you - then show them, magnificently and with abandon.
If you have someone you think you love - tell them.
If you don't, and regardless of looking or wanting - just reach out and smile and show your heart.
Say I Love You more than once today.

Yes, you could lose, yes they may not care as much, yes they may be blind to you, yes to a thousand things going wrong - AND here's to the thousand things going right.

Fall in love, just for today. Kiss someone. Reach out. Hold someones hand and tell them they count.
Look in the mirror and say to yourself "you are beautiful".
Look into someones eyes and tell them they are wonderful.

Time isn't to be wasted, because it isn't here forever. Now that I have lost, I wouldn't waste a single moment with David that was not caring, loving and fun.
There is no choice for me whether to call him or not. There will never be the opportunity to share with him, hold his hand or wish him a happy valentines.

AND despite AND because of that loss:
I have to get out and celebrate my life, otherwise I am going to drown in sadness. I am literally locking my heart away, because I hurt when quite honestly I want to live.
So, OK, I don't have someone special who wants to join me right now, I still deserve to smile.
I still deserve to feel the love I have inside. The strength. The power. Passion. Compassion. Life.
I bet you do too?

So be bold. Be romantic. Be a friend. A parent. A spouse, a lover, whatever, just be in love today.
It's valentines.

"Hello my love. Hello my life."
Happy Valentines Day xxx

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