Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Blizzard Binge

The blizzard of 2015 in Rhode Island equals two things for me.

1) The most snow I have ever experienced. Congratulations to National Grid - I was amazed and truly grateful not to lose power.
2) It has inspired, what I will publicly name:  The Blizzard Binge of 2015.

Like many fellow worshipers, I found myself at Shaws on the Monday morning. It was packed and yet eerily quiet. People dressed as Eskimos kept their heads fixed downward in full concentration mode as they turned down the aisles to purchase whatever was left. I had to fight this tremendous urge not to scream "We're all going to die!"

I am not a supermarket fan, so granted I had not been in a while, yet even I gasped when at the check out I was told to hand over one hundred and twenty one dollars. AND that was just for me. I had already purchased a years worth of food for Max The Cat.

For some reason I had decided that my last feast would be that of a wealthy person. I bought steak, chicken, fancy cookies which were ironically named Celebrations. There was cake, chocolate. I rarely eat bread - yet there was a whole loaf of bread.
Cake mix, Italian stuffed mushrooms, cereal, salad (well!!!) fresh fruit. Unbelievable, that I imagined I would be snowed under for a week without power, yet, with the magical ability to cook. Even with power, I do not have much ability to cook.

Two friends of mine have admitted the same experience. One bought cigars! Its a wonder I didn't buy a violin and learn to play a jaunty tune in case an ice burg hit the apartment.

On the actual storm day, I ended up binge watching the amazing TV series "The Big C" while compassionately binge eating. (Seems I have forgotten that I have a freezer compartment in the fridge.)

I'm now continuing to eat as though I am a seven foot mountain climber going to The Himalayas for a year - which is great, accept I'm not a six foot mountain climber. There is only five foot of me, and most of that is my thighs!

The blessing in this story is of course how tremendously fortunate I am to have had safety, warmth and the love of friends who checked in. I am intelligent enough to realize the reason for The Blizzard Binge, kind enough to embrace it with humor and hopeful enough to know that my care for myself can be found in other things, not just food.
Isn't it fascinating how we all react.
Take care.

                                                                                      THE BLIZZARD BINGE TROLLEY

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