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Saturday Night Horoscope

When I first started this blog in 2009, my initial idea was inspired from reading my stars, and then commenting on them, because they always had a habit of being ridiculous or ridiculously appropriate.
My friend Jen, was part of that genius and I wanted to celebrate her by returning to an astrology blog. So, I decided I would do it tonight and I begun by checking out my horoscope.
 First let me set the scene - it is Saturday evening following a tearful week, I'm alone, sitting on my balcony, two three glasses of red wine down plus I have absorbed a bar of chocolate called Intense Dark Chocolate Orange. Every good female and sensitive male will recognize this as an evening of wallowing in sadness, loneliness and sheer can't be botheredness.
 Earlier I had shaved my legs, flossed my teeth (hate it!!) and deep conditioned my hair in something called Henna Placenta. Really? How on earth can henna have a placenta? Despite sounding biological, my hair looks quite nice. I can imagine m…