Saturday, July 26, 2014

Right Now

And in my quiet
All that I can do is miss you.
All that is left is missing you.
What else can I do?
I loved with such hope,
With such boldness.
I held your hands,
Looked into your eyes that didn't know me,
Told you I would always love you
And I do.

Yet the fastness of this loss swallows me.
And, it now swirls with another.
I step out with such timid longing
That nobody cares to hear,
Again, just to feel loss.
I focus on a blue, pale petal smiling
The sunlight on the curtain
My cup of tea becoming cold.
Is this truly my purpose
To love where it isn't wanted?

I see our colorful blanket being pulled away from you
And in that callous uncaring moment
Everything I had, we had, was pulled away.
And now?
I lean my face toward the sun
Begging to feel warmth for longer than one day.
No more loss.
My hands are already too full.

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