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Profile of a widow

Please do not ask me why - I have recently been exploring what people do in this world of so called romance and chatting one another up!!! And here is what I have found:

That one of the surprisingly annoying things about widowhood, is the feeling that grows inside of you, that is a super power strength. It is a volcanic layer created from velvet that is wrapped around your heart, guts and soul. It tricked me into believing that I can do absolutely anything because, to hold my husbands hand through to his last breath, was truly the most loving and painful experience of my life.
You cannot, however add this to your resume or profile!

To whisper I let you go into peace is one of the greatest achievements there is. Surely? Apart from of course, being able to give birth, and that for me, was never to be in my life.

I had a Hallmark image once, that I could be that hard working, glamorous widow, who stayed alone and was always strong. Had great hair and went on solo vacations to Hawaii. I a…