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Mums Birthday

Happy Birthday Mum!

My Mum has every strength that I do not. She's been a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, an aunt, a friend.
She's funny, intelligent, quiet, shy, warm, patient, welcoming, makes great tea. Is understanding, careful, polite, cheats at games and rarely sleeps.

Mum, You have been with me through so many chapters, both good, questionable, slim, fat, challenging and down right awful. You have seen me as a blond, red head, dark hair, natural and once with a purple stripe. You have seen me as an actress, a writer, an event planner, a Christmas elf, a receptionist, a bride, a widow and a little girl saying "well at least he had the best part of the sandwich!" AND as an adult, laughing so much that we had tears at our photo joke about..."sandwiches". I see we have a thing about food!

You have always said yes and You have never judged me. You let me go, You let me arrive.

How many Mums are able to understand that their daughter cannot speak to …