Tuesday, November 19, 2013

PHD for the young

I got out of bed to write this, so good luck everyone!

Recently I have been spending time with younger people, who at some point in the conversation will put themselves down. Now, everyone who knows me is aware that I invented the self put down. I have a PHD in it - Personal Hello Downers. The stuff that builds layers of protection around you, (or so you think) that eats you from the inside in order for others to stop attacking the outside. Spoiler alert - it does not work!

Anyway - the point of this blog is to remark how much my experience of loss, is changing my attitude. When I feel strong and determined, I am aware of soul and not physicality. It is when I see a photograph and I reach out, that the physical loss hits me, because the feeling of love still continues. Like a perfume, it lingers. That warm, fond memory that will always make you smile. My experience of loving is still there. In fact I said to a dear friend recently that I miss saying the words "I love you" out loud. So my question is, why would I stop?

What if we paid as much attention to our heart, as we do to our bodies? What if we serviced that sad ache, or that burst of joy - with the same energy as we visit a store to buy a new pair of shoes, or an exercise machine, or a salad, or whatever satisfies that physical need. What if we engaged in loving ourselves and our family and friends, with as much intent as we do toward a spouse or partner?
What if Match dot com sent you a profile that was your perfect soul mate and it were you?  Bonus - no more concern about going halves over dinner!

I see so many people running around from a place of fear. And fear of what? Really? Oh and again, I can only recognize this, because I invented that one too. I have the PHD  - Painful Head Drowning.
Constantly searching for resolutions and answers, while wearing a blindfold. When do we allow ourselves time to respect our own intelligence? What if we actually succeeded at whatever was so important that day?

No wonder we share pictures of puppies and cats on facebook, and press "like" as often as we can, because we are starving ourselves of healthy thoughts and actions. So much of what brings us real pleasure is not tangible - taste, smell, sensation. Think about the action of winning; is the joy when you cross the finish line or when you hold the medal?

I am now studying for a new PHD - Pleasurable Happiness Developing. It's a challenging course - worth trying though - right?

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