Monday, September 30, 2013

Jen, Ugly Dog Books and A Card

I have a special friend called Jen Smith. She is not imaginary, she does exist.
Our friendship, perhaps eight years long now, has been quite the adventure of books, cake, words, work and life. Jen was the one person that David trusted inside our house toward the end of his illness. They prepared chocolate covered strawberries and fruit salad together. Jen pretended that the care giver we tried to introduce was her new boyfriend!!! David called Jen his laughter lady.

We finally got together today for a long over due coffee and visit to a book store. Jen had found The Ugly Dog Books in Attleboro on line.

It is delightful. A great joy of a place, much like opening a brand new book, where you walk in with eyes widening at new treasures alongside old favorites. The owner, Kim, there in person, has a passion for books, obviously, and includes a writers room and open events for book lovers and writers alike. She has a room dedicated to her father, there is chocolate in the writers room, a stone with the word HOPE carved into it -  this is one special store.

David and I loved going to book stores. In fact we often would with Jen.
So of course, today, I think of David and ask him to show me to a book that I should buy.
Immediately I pull out a blue covered book - Skywriting by Jane Pauley. I smile because somewhere in my memory is us looking at this book when it was first published. I open the front cover and find inside a new, unwritten birthday card that says "To My Wife".

There are no words.........and then there are.

 THANK YOU. Always with love.

Off Course and Television

You know when you are off course (and addicted to television) when......................

1) you watch the pilot of Breaking Bad to cheer yourself up
2) you watch the pilot of Breaking Bad, when everyone else is mourning the final episode
3) you consider priniting a tshirt that says - Breaking Bad Virgin - Dont Tell Me!
4) watching Breaking Bad, it completely makes sense as a possiblity to your next step in life
5) after watching breaking Bad, you need to cook something and boil up a ton of pasta
6) you are over excited to see re runs of shows on Saturday night (yes people actually watch television on a Saturday night)
7) your whole Sunday is wrapped around the start of The Amazing Race
8) you fall asleep during The Amazing Race
9) you notice television is becoming your life raft
10) you look at a job posting and think BS as a requirement means bullshit required and you actually wonder if that's what it really means and that the company has a great sense of humor

For my Universe

I have had so many thoughts recently for blog posts that could be inspiring for those around me, and yet I can never quite find the words. M...