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Harry Taylor

Eighteen years ago today, September 5th, I received a phone call from my dear friend David Taylor who simply said "It's a boy!" and so was born my Godson, who today celebrates his eighteenth birthday.
His Mum Lorna and I have been friends for well over twenty-five years, having met on the hallowed grounds of the Warner Brothers studios when we were young London starlets!!!
That's another story - This however is about HARRY.

Happy Birthday Harry.
You know that I have always said that I am not around enough, even more so since I emigrated.
I doubt that you know how much I admire you and think of you. Remembering back to times you would not remember and perhaps those that you do. Various adventures, dinners at your house, board games, walks, our amazing trip in America and last year laughing at Comic Relief in London at all the parts we should not have been laughing at!!

Anyway - here is the important part. I have not meant much to many people, nor it seems to have a si…