Saturday, June 29, 2013

Just Words

Just Words

I miss the cook books we had on the shelf
The crazy colors in the hall
The two doors to the bathroom
The smell of the wood in the summer.
Our deckchairs in the car.
A captured, tiny time
When things were forest green.

You took my hand today while I was driving
And said where you are, was so incredibly beautiful.
That everything now made sense
That you were happier
Happier than you had ever been.
You liked my new home
Knew how hard I was trying
The hours I worked.
The strength of my longing.
How my fears had changed
How life had changed.

What should I do I asked
When I knew you were truly there
You said I need to be happier.
Nothing more.
A simple step, perhaps -
Just happier.
It all has a place and a time
And things can and will be a different green.
If I allow.
It all makes sense in the end.

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