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My David at Ten Months

Wow, ten months ago today. I remember the day perfectly, and it seems, both a lifetime and a second just past.

It's been a month of regular heart beats. Tons of work of the new simplistic form that I have been fortunate enough to find. The arrival of a brand new grand child, with the sweetest of hopeful smiles. Some grueling moments and some absolutely, delightfully surprising ones. Faces that are loving enough to comfort me and new ones who never saw the pain of the last few years, yet have the intelligence to accept a quietness or occasionally a hesitation of thought.

I realize how badly my confidence has been knocked and how poorly I have taken care of myself, both physically and that of my spirit. It is simply a splendid joy when I connect to that true and tender part of me and how lucky I feel when those times arrive. Coffee with old, wine with new, either, I am thrilled.

Flying to be with Mum while she underwent medical tests was a twist of emotions for me. I could see my D…