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While David had Alzheimer's, we would experience many changes throughout the day.
Happiness, fear, laughter, anger, wonder. Sheer terror at times. The comfort of the sand as it turned upside down to cold suspicion. Man, did he and I fight together to remain healthy. We clung to that cliff.  I can only accept his death in knowing that his sweetest nature is now peaceful.

It is incredible that the illness convinces the mind to see so many options in one single thing.
The possibilities were huge.

I am amazed that today I sit here feeling complete. As though this quilt has sewn it's final square. I now have the ability of seeing it as a whole and choosing which squares benefit and fulfill me. The ones that I treasure and value. The ones that have taught through sadness, sometimes pain and those that are so wonderful they light me up with their large, hopeful and bright stitches. This is my time where I get to choose.

This week I have been with people who actually like me. I am t…

The Oscars?

Movies focused on strength, truth, bravery, commitment to a solution that may not be possible.
Characters from fiction and those of a fearless life, who risk in order for others to live.
Power, beauty, the fight, determination and glory. Love where love has always been and love where it has never been.
These are the movies that were all nominated in the best movie category.

An Oscar is a tribute, is it not?

So, for Seth MacFarlane to include a song about boobs is pointless and cheap.
You all know me. I am not prudish. I love humor. However - This is the lack of class and respect that is being accepted as an outlook on life. And the winner is - Uninspired Trite.

It is downgrading our ability to live with eyes wide open. Would you laugh if a surgeon came from the operating room saying I saved his life, and guess what? I saw his dick.

If you have the qualities of voice, presence and natural charm, why would you get drunk and sing in the street while pissing on a Mercedes? Wouldn't …