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My David at Seven Months

I now begin my seventh month of being a widow.
Each day I awake believing that something different will occur that will enable me to make sense of everything. The final chapter that explains what on earth the rest of the book was about. When you can say, well I got a bit bored, though I'm glad I finished it.

The focus of my sixth month was moving home. Not my choice. The preparation, going through every belonging, taping up boxes, crying over each piece of clothing, daily visits to donation drop offs and then the actual day. Three young men striding through your home removing furniture quickly from the places that had taken so long to choose.

The day I moved was the hardest day I have experienced. Ever in my life. Far, far harder than the time of passing or the funeral - which many people say is handled by the outer and/or inner spirits protecting you from the truth.

My love, my purpose, my safety, my protection was ripped out of me. I felt as though dreams, tears and laughter tha…