Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Getting Older?

You know you are getting older when:

1) You wonder why young people always poke their tongues out in photos.
2) You realize that you mean twenty year olds when you say young people.
3) You need to go to the bathroom, yet you can't be asked to get up.
4) You are reluctant to call the help desk for anything connected to cell phones, because you know you won't understand the terminology.
5) You know you could understand the terminology if only you could hear it.
6) You kind of wish the TV, phone and internet were not bundled, because it means coping with three confusing things at once.
7) You scroll for longer when adding the year you were born.
8) You look at all the names of people who liked something you put on Facebook.
9) You think you are doing great because you are on Facebook.
10) You find old checks you wrote and exclaim; "And you thought that was expensive!"
11) You find old checks that you wrote, because those were the days when your old checks were sent back to you every month.
12) Paperless billing? Can't be trusted!

Note 1 for younger people) Checks were things you wrote when cards were just greeting cards.

The font size is larger on purpose to assist the readers this post is intended for.
And now it is time for bed.........have I taken my pills today? Where are my pills?

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