Sunday, January 13, 2013

Golden Globes Conversations

While celebrities in Armani walked the red carpet, Mum and I sat in pajamas and seriously talked during the Golden Globes.
Below are the topics in favorite order.

1) MUM:  Why is Mel Gibson's mouth permanently open?

2) JAYNE: Mum, in England do they still sell toilet paper in 
different colors? You only get white here.    

3) JAYNE: Is that Stacey bitch still with him?
   MUM:   Who's Stacey? Anyone is better than that long wrestler.

4) JAYNE: I just noticed my pajama top is inside out.

5) MUM:   Are you thinking about that movie?
   JAYNE: No, I'm wondering if I should roast some potatoes to go   with the chicken.

6) JAYNE: God, even the back of his neck is gorgeous.

We both enjoyed the awards and really - why was Mel Gibson's mouth open all night?

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