Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Your Birthday

I never turned into one of those adults who do not celebrate their birthday or (far worse in my eyes) do not celebrate their partners birthdays.
To all those in relationships who feel that birthdays do not count after you are married - for the love of great cake - go get a room and celebrate! What is wrong with you people?

Life is delicate and deserves to be filled with loving laughter and tenderness. If you say I love you to a person, then any excuse to enjoy a special time should be a focus. Circle all important dates on your George Clooney calendars, save your pennies and search the Internet for experiences that the two of you will cherish. Please know that I am choosing these words carefully. I mean experience and I mean cherish. A love between two people will inspire and a love for yourself will motivate.

Today is Davids birthday. Our first to be faced in bereavement. Rather than thinking about loss, I can remember warmly the ten birthdays we had together. Including a celebration weekend in Providence,
the tickets to see Steve Martin, our weekend in New York to see Spamalot and our very favorite
weekend we spent on the Cape.

Last year I had bought David a record player (yes you read that correctly) a RECORD player.
He loved it and adored choosing which of his many records to play. Erik was with us, and we served pizza, cheap champagne and a special Superman cake. We always had cake.

No matter what that illness did to David, nothing could touch his joy (and mine) when we would dance to The Beatles, Twist and Shout, nearly every day last year at 5:30pm from January to the end of May.

No matter what has been taken from me, I know we always had great birthdays and so much more.
Learn from us and take every opportunity to celebrate. I still will. David showed me joy, why would I end that feeling when he gifted it to me?
photo care of Erik Johnson - Nov 2011 - David laughing!

Happy Birthday David.
Always with love, my love.

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